Stampede ranked No. 2 Country album of 2014 by the Village Voice

It’s music year-end voting time in the media, and New York City’s venerable alt-weekly the Village Voice has compiled their top 13 best country albums of the year, considering my debut recording Stampede as #2 above all! Here’s a quote from what the paper’s culture editor/writer Alan Scherstuhl had to say about my take on country & western songwriting and aesthetics:

“Rather than jamming familiar sounds together, hoping they snap together into something new, Kandia Crazy Horse operates under the assumption that all those sounds are equally hers. She’s a synthesist, the opposite of whatever Big Bang first blasted American pop into all those limiting genres. Her song titles suggest her vision: “Congo Square” (on which funky drummer meets Bakersfield riffs and Rolling Thunder fiddles); “Soul Yodel” (on which “The Tennessee Waltz” and Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful” dissolve together like sugar in her mouth); “Gunfight at the Golden Corral” (a crackpot two-step whose chorus is the name of Pauline Kael’s most famous book)…No record I’ve heard this year boasts such warmth and breadth and surprise.”

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