Kandia Crazy Horse – Stampede

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Kandia Crazy Horse – Stampede
Bluebilly Records – BBL-000-001
With few exceptions, country music and Americana are not known as a providence often trod by African-American musicians and artists. Kandia Crazy Horse is on her way to changing that perception with this wondrous debut. To avoid becoming a Nashville stereotype, the first throaty and fervent strains of “California” actually bring the country side of Janis Joplin to mind. “Congo Square” has a toe-tapping hooky quality with a soulful power to the vocal work. “Gunfight At The Golden Corral” smacks of old time two-stepping honky tonk, complete with home-spun humorous lyrics. The aptly titled “Americana” is a minimalist acoustic track where Kandia further displays the vibrance and controlled emotion of her wonderful voice. If this CD seemed gimmicky, that would be one thing, but it is anything but. This is music created by a lady with a very high level of…

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